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So if you follow me on Twitter you would have noticed that I didn’t have power in my room for three days.
Apparently using your hair dryer while the heater in your room is working can blow a fuse. Who knew!?

I had a great long thanksgiving weekend! I managed to see all my friends after a two month break.
I know we can’t see each other due to distance or just being too busy, just know that I love you guys!
On Saturday I went out with my friends for dinner. Loved seeing Sydney, Aj, Julia, Nik, Mark and everyone! Especially Syd and AJ. You guys were such a huge part of my summer it’s hard being away from you two!
Then on Sunday I got to see Ashleigh. Come back from London to be by my side! You’ve been away for far too long! D:
And finally I got to chill with Marie and Katy on the Monday. Good luck with studying Katy!
Love you all muwah!

Down to business. I’ve officially rerouted the website so the traffic has definitely picked up.
To the people who continue to be dedicated followers THANK YOU!
I’ll be working on a doc next week so things are a little hectic in last minute planning and work that will be due the week after that but I’ll try my best to read and review.

And due to a request by a guest I will be reviewing a story by Hwang Mi Ri.
I’ve been avoiding it because I’m really suspicious of someone who was able to write 91 Manhwa in one career that is ongoing. Yeah 91 manhwa. Maybe I’ll try and review one Hwang Mi Ri story a week AHAHAHA! Well, we’ll see. ;)

XoXo Kitteh

I am currently obsessed with this song: I Can Take Off my Panties by Kagamine Rin
(You knew the vocaloids would come eventually)

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