{Merry Christmas/Happy New Year}

Ugh, I don’t know how to feel.
I’ve had pink eye which doesn’t seem to want to go away fully for the past week. I’m also sick.
It was nice seeing family but they also drive me crazy.
I’m still house sitting so I’m lonely as hell, I’m home sick like crazy.
And now I’m realizing that quite a few friends just kinda… forgot about me when inviting people to parties.
It’s not like I’m “not invited” I could come, they just forgot to invite me, but I mean that says something. -insert sad face-
Then there are times when I’m happy but then it comes crashing down, weird.

Anyways, with Christmas money I ordered some books.
After School Nightmare 8, 9, 10 (9 cost me 40$ with shipping. :/ Go Comi is broke so it’s out of print)
Goong V.03…which I just realized I already own… FFFFFFF!
…I just had a panic attack and had to reorder everything. I don’t even…
Anyways not going to talk about this anymore.

HOPE YOU CHRISTMAS WAS AWESOME! And the New Year is coming too! Cheers!

xoxo Kitteh

So what if it’s old? Lucifer by Shinee

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