{Merry Christmas~!}

Hey I know it’s a little early but if you’ve followed this blog for the past three years you would know that I go away every Christmas. I leave tomorrow morning (5 hours! Eeek!)

To Ottawa, the land of old people and no internet connection.
At least they have Anime Extreme although I dunno if we will have time to go u_u.

I’ve been trying to post but it’s taking a super long time and I’m totally sorry about that.
Either the server or wordpress is dicking around, either way I don’t like it.

*New layout with graphics from Pureblood Boyfriend (8 months… awkward.)
*Tag board is going to disappear because it’s no longer free, any recommendations for alternatives?
*New grading system out of 5 instead of 10. (We all know I only did 5 anyways so no need to change the rest)

Anyways I wish you all a safe and happy holiday/Christmas/Hannukah is still going!
I’ll be back Monday so I can wish you guys Happy New Years so don’t worry bout that ;)

xoxo Kitteh

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