{Looking for: Korean Translator}

So I was on the Chapters website cursing at the fact I couldn’t buy SM Hunter. Then I can’t remember how, but I found the raws.

That’s right. And I’m cleaner see? Get what I’m saying?

SO if there is anyone that would can read and translate Korean the raws are here: SM Hunter Raws

Leave a comment here if you want to or you know someone who could help out.
We can release our very first scanlations! :O


XOXO Kitteh

4 thoughts on “{Looking for: Korean Translator}”

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Noir is working on SM Hunter. I’m actually a proofreader there, and I was really happy to learn that it’s finally active. ^^ If you do find a Korean translator willing to help out, we might be able to work out a joint so that we can fly through the 10 volumes. ^^

  2. It has been in upcoming projects for months. I sent an email offering to help with cleaning scans (I’ve even finished one chapter); but I never got a response.
    Which, if I’m going to be turned down they could at least try sending a response.

  3. Hi, will the rest ever be translated? Or can we get an updated link for the raws? Please and thanks! :)

  4. Unfortunately I never downloaded the raws and I’m no one offered to translate. Sorry about that! I’m disappointment as well.

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