Life Update: Mystery Disappearance

As a forewarning, this post is under “Life” Category and pretty much a blog about my life. If you’re not interested feel free to scroll on by :)

So yeah, 2021 was really cool for the website because for almost 9 straight months I updated every single week. Which is definitely a new achievement for me. I was “officially” diagnosed with ADHD and started medication which really helped in a lot of areas of my life! I have known I’ve had ADHD for around 8 years but never wanted to bother with meds, but they have been life-changing!

The mystery of my disappearance: I’m pregnant! I’m actually 18 weeks pregnant expecting my first child at the end of May. On top of pregnancy being really difficult, I’m also off my ADHD medication. Without my meds and all of the pregnancy symptoms I’ve been running on one brain cell and have been miserable. Everyone makes pregnancy look so easy and fun, it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely planned for this baby and I’m excited. I can’t wait to HAVE a baby, but HAVING a baby has been a pain. XD

The past few weeks my head has finally started to clear up and I’m feeling a lot better mentally. I’m hoping in the new year I’ll be able to start some more frequent reviews. I’m thinking once or twice a month. We will see what happens when the baby comes.

Thank you to everyone who continues to use my site, I really look forward to continuing along with you all! Hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy.

XOXO Kitteh

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