{La la la}

So volume 9 of After School Nightmare came in. Just number 10 left. :D
So I’m back at school and absolutely exhausted.
I’ve been staying up until 4am and getting up at 7am because my body refuses to fall asleep. Still. It’s been three days.
Lucky for you all my classes start at 11:45… which means it’s JUST enough time for me to take the two hour bus ride, so my mom drives me so I’m stuck doing nothing for three hours. YAY. So my choices are read manga or sleep on the couches… and I already think some people think I’m homeless. I just need to sleep more. -sigh- And theres snow everywhere. I’ve been tobogganing. Winter can go away now.

OH! And my friend AJ got me 16 volumes of Boys Over Flowers! I’m a little more then half way done the series in one go! Best. Gift. Ever. (No offense everyone else)

Btw we are at 10,000 hits since the new domain! Let’s keep it up! ;)

XoXo Kitteh
*Ugh this Canadian music they play at my school is so annoying.

Gummy: As a Man

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