{La…La…La!} — {New Layout}

{New Layout}
Manga: Hana ni Arashi
Brushes: Psbrushes.net
By: Me (Kitteh)

So it’s pink. Cause I like pink. And this is my month. n_~
So whats happening this month? My birthday (19 bitches!) and Anime North (Convention).

So I didn’t update much last week… ahh… just enjoying the summer! I have read around 5 series so I have content to post… if only procrastination weren’t haunting me. It takes a while to do you know!

I’m going to wonderland tomorrow (amusement park) so no updates for you… unless I stay up till midnight to post… and I’ll think about it. n_n

Oh and keep the comments coming! I reply every time so looovvveee you!

XOXO Kitteh

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