Karakuri Odette

Name: Karakuri Odette (Odetto)
Mangaka: Suzuki, Julietta

Volumes: 6 (Complete)
Licensed: Tokyopoop
Scanlations: V.06 Ch.35 (Complete)
Scanlator: Intercross and Serenus-Dreamers
Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy/Sci-Fi (Robots)/School Life
Age Group: Everyone

Summary: Dr. Yoshizawa manages to create an almost perfect android named Odette. In an attempt to help Odette become more human like, Dr. Yoshizawa sends Odette to Highschool. This story is about Odette’s journey from Android to Human (like).


Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: Graphics are so-so. Tokyopop has been hawking this new series ever since their gravy train series Fruits Basket ended. This is supposed to be the new face of shoujo. I was definitely on the edge for a while wither to read or not because it looked a little shounen to me, even with the pink cover. I have deduced that it is the graphics that are very shounen. Although it is from the same author as Akuma to Dolce, I found Akuma to be more feminine.

Plot. Good things. I think this is a very thought provoking story. I meant he robot thing has been done many times but this is a little different and worth a read. It’s always interesting to see how unreal characters are developed from series to series. (What they can and can’t do.) There are a few parts that actually make you think about what it means to be a human. Odette is just so sweet. Not to mention this series can be VERY funny when it wants to be.

Bad. Well the graphics throw me for a loop. As well I have to complain about the lack of romance. I know it focuses on other things but I LOVE me some romance! If you are a HUGE fan of romance there is very little in this series. A very light series.

Overall? Very interesting.

Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: From the creator of Akuma to Dolce

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