Junjou Drop

Name: Junjou Drop
Manga-ka: Nakahara, Aya

Volumes: 1 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.01 Ch.04 (Complete)
Scanlator: Eternal Heart and Keijo Shoujo Scans
Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy
Age Group: Teen

Summary: Recently rejected Saki Momota is having a hard time getting over her first love. While picking up her younger brother from school, Saki bumps into Akai Ryuuichi; the class delinquent whos rumored to be able to shoot lazer-beams from his eyes. Could this day get any worse?


Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: Graphics are nice. Round and shoujo without being overt.

The plot is cute. I mean, yes it has been done before but it’s still sweet. The little kids are the icing on the cake. It also has some great life lessons about love.

Nice and sweet light read.

Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: From the author of Lovely Complex

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