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{Shinobi Life}
*Shinobi Life

So spring has finally sprung.
It’s not spring when people say it’s spring. It’s spring when I say it’s spring.
Spring is either the 1rst of April or when it gets 20+ degrees.
Today, (it’s 1:45 am) it was 21 degrees not to mention also the first of April!

So new layout
Series: Ai Hime
Brushes: Somewhere on Deviant art, if you know tell me.
Layout: Kitteh (Me)

I haven’t reviewed Ai Hime yet but I will today (tomorrow?). If there is a manga that reminds me of spring, its that one.

Anyways, as for this weekend, it is a long weekend cause of Easter!
I get tomorrow off for Good Friday and then I don’t have to work Sunday cause of Easter Sunday. (How exciting! Chocolate!)
I’ve been doing very well with updating, I’m impressed with myself. I hope to keep up the good work.

One more thing. I promised myself not to not thank the visitors anymore but I just have to say something.
Today I found someone recommending my site on a forum and I was ecstatic. I hope to continue giving you access to all the best shoujo.

XOXO Kitteh

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