Hey guys,
IT IS SO FREAKING COLD. I’ve been in my bed all day cause leaving could lead to automatic freezing.
I have a heater going and a heated blanket and it’s not enough. Oh, Canada you.
According to the weather channel it’s -6 degrees (Celsius) but feels like -20 with wind chill. Do not like.

Okay so I’ve done a couple reviews this week. (GO ME)
I’ll try to continue this trend.

Tomorrow I have my documentary screenings. (Cold Shock FTW)
And then I have two more exams and then I am FREEEEE.
Can’t wait to spend my whole break doing pre-production. :P

Hope everyone had a Happy Chanukah and now we have Christmas!
Have you bought all your presents yet?

XoXo Kitteh
PS: I’m hungry.

AK8 singing Heavy Rotation (THERE ARE 21 GIRLS IN THIS BAND! And… the fanservice in this vid is frighteningly intense)
{Still: I lub you!}

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