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*Cat Street
** This is a complete copy and paste from my post on IRC HERE

So as I headed over to IRC to download some chapters for the next review, I realized the time has officially come.
It’s time to learn how to use IRC! This will officially separate the true fans and the casual readers.
I will be also posting this under Pages on the right hand side with links. —>

Programs you will need:
-MIRC /Download Here/ (IRC Program)
-Winrar /Download Here/ (Decompressing: works with .zip and .rar files)
Both programs are free. If you want to know how to use Winrar there is a tut on the links on the right under Pages/Downloading manga.

-Colloquy /Download Here/ (IRC App)
-Yemuzip* /Download Here/ (Decompressing)
*Yemuzip is not completely necessary because macs come with a unloading program, but I prefer this. :)
Both programs are free.

Setting Up:
Since I don’t really know much about setting them up (it’s been a while) these tutorials will help you with that.
Setting up Tutorial (PC and Mac): HERE

It’s important to be on irchighway because that is where practically all the scanlators are.
I put one tutorial for the two because technically… Colloquy does everything for you like most of Macs apps. -_-’

Connecting to the sites IRC
Now to connect to the actual server you just usually click a link and it will open up your IRC program.
If you go to the Scanlators page on Mangaupdates, like HERE, you will notice a “link” like this:
Click it and it will open up in MIRC or Colloquy. (Sometimes I have to double click with Colloquy)

IRC Etiquette
Whatever you do, for God’s sake, don’t be a total noob once you’re on.
Do not use caps and say things like: “I CAN HAS SCAAANS!?” or “WHERES THE MANGA? AHHHH!”
Doing these things will usually get you banned and don’t get you anywhere.
If you sincerely have a problem ask politely. Ex: “Could someone please explain what the triggers are?”
Good. Done.

Bots AKA Downloading
So now your ready to download.
More likely then not you will be using a bot to get your files.
Bots are these cute little servers that when you ask correctly, will fetch files for you.

Now bots have trigger lists. You CAN go around putting !trigger and /sometimes/ will get a list but some groups have rules where doing trigger can get you banned. Usually check the Scanlators website where they will have their own IRC guide like HERE.

So there are trigger lists, like so, that are sort of like a menu. {EXAMPLE}

So, using that example, I want to download: #406 430 12M [m_s]

Luckily here they have something you can just copy and paste into the chat box: /msg Torako xdcc send 406

/msg: You are contacting the bot
Torako: The bots name
xdcc send: Basically asking for it to send you something
406: This is the files number.

On the very left are all the numbers that are most important.
In /msg Torako xdcc send 406, 406 can be changed to any number in the list to download different files.

Some scanlators Trigger lists only have the number and not the full command (ie /msg Torako ect). So you will have to type in that part yourself: /msg botname xdcc send #.
Sometimes you don’t even need to add the bot name.

It will be frustrating but this is what we are forced to do! Leave any questions in the comments.

XoxO Kitteh

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