{I’m Back}

I’m back. Like a wanderlust fool I have journeyed through life the past two years and completely left my website. (Although I have checked to make sure it wasn’t COMPLETELY broken every month and continue to pay my fees!) But yeah, just checked in recently and couldn’t believe it was almost 2 years since I had updated. That’s nuts.

Since we last met my life has been on a steady upward trajectory. Happy family, happy romance, amazing job, and there is just no excuse to not come back to what I love. I’ve never stopped reading because I could never but reviewing just kind of fell to the side. But no more. This will be my year to shine.

New Changes
1) Weekly Scheduled Updates – To avoid me just coming on strong and burning out I’m going to stick with 1 review each week released on Saturday. (Rejoice) Any extras I read will be scheduled in advance for those weeks where I am busy.

2) More News/More Community – I want to be with you guys, my people, I want to be friends! I also want my website to have more informational content. Helpful stuff! News ranging from upcoming series, Licensing, ect.

This main push will be done through my Facebook Page. If you give my Page a like I promise to post interesting and useful information. I will also give links to my older favourite stuff so you don’t have to go through my whole website ect.

3) Lets communicate – I want a bigger input on what you’re reading. What should I review next? What kind of information will be useful to you? Do you want a personalized recommendation? I can do that lets chat!

4) Website Overhaul – I know my website is swamped with broken links/outdated info/missing graphics. I will go forward with making sure everything is up to date.


Thank you guys for sticking with me! Let’s make 2016 amazing! :3

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