{I missed you too!}

Awwww babies! Miss me? Me too.
So with school and work I’ve been trying to avoid any more “work”. That includes posting on the site.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading. I’ve read 4 new series to review (le gasp). I’ve just been keeping it from you. :P
I’ve been re-reading Ashiteruze Baby this past week too. I’m on the last one tonight. It’s so cute.

Good News: Site has been paid for in full for the next two years. So uh, I’m stuck with you.
AND I have some excellent news for your yaoi fans that will be coming by New Years the latest. But it’s still hush hush. Knock on Wood.

BTW: Savage Garden was especially delicious this month.

XoXo Kitteh

Here’s Big Bang with Sunset Glow to remind you that there was a summer at some point… and it is now winter. How sad. For those of you having summer right now? Enjoy!

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