{I Can Has Internet?}

I am back. I have a good excuse (as I usually do).
So I was a week over and I said “OH man I’ve gotta go an update today.”
So I try to get to the site and… whoops we didn’t pay our internet bill.
Basically we had to jump through 10 million hoops to get our internet back on since we waited two days to pay the bill. So they deleted our account. We had to open up a new account and everything. I had no internet for two weeks. =_=

Then when I finally got back my tumblr had been hacked by that stupid tumblr iq survey virus going around and am still dealing with the mess that left.

I’ve also been working. 69.45 hours for this coming pay check (2 weeks). Aw yeah, I like money.

Anyways. I will be updating the site now. I have read so many manga since it’s ridiculous. I think I’ve read about 15 different series I need to review. You will see. :)

New Kpop group Boyfriend singing the most originally named song Boyfriend.

xoxo Kitteh

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