Sorry I haven’t done anything in a while. >_>
I don’t really have a good excuse either. OxO

I mean I’ve had school but it’s not that bad.
I AM playing pokemon Heart Gold (AWESOME) and Persona 4 (trying to finally beat it after leaving it for a year).
I AM saving for a playstation 3 and FFXIII :)
But mostly I’ve been bored with reading manga and review as of late. It kinda feels like a chore when I’m not in the mood. And that’s no fun!

The weather is also getting nicer so I may be spending more time outside.

Most of all, this boredom is only temporary and I will still try to do one review a week. For now I’d suggest getting outside or reading some of the hundred+ manga that I’ve reviewed but you haven’t read.

Much Love,
XOXO Kitteh

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