{High Times for the Holidays!}

Owah! I go away for a bit and get the biggest boom in traffic! I just hope these people are staying with me instead of checking and dipping. :) If you stay I’ll make it worth your while! ;)

Okay so new layout. Here are the stats:

Manga: Harem Lodge *Finished recently KYA!*
Brushes: psbrushes.net
By: Muwah!

Listening to: Cinema Italiano (Kate Hudson) from Nine
Goodness I CANNOT wait to see Nine. I bought the CD today and just can’t get enough. Going to see it on New Years with my friend. :3

SO TODAY… I am introducing scanlation updates! Not so sure if I’m going to do it daily or weekly but we will try every option kay? :) If you like my site remember to tell your friends about me!

If you feel like advertising my site here is a banner for you:

Anyways. Much love! MUWAH!

-Love Kitteh

6 thoughts on “{High Times for the Holidays!}”

  1. I make everything on photoshop. Make sure it isn’t too large and then upload it to imageshack.us

    Make sure the “resize image” box is checked. And it resizes 320 x 240 for websites and email.

    On the next page copy the “Direct” link (it should be first)

    [url=http://yourgimmick.comuv.com/wordpress/][img]Put the direct link here[/img][/url]

    That code is for forums using BBC. If you need a html code go to Advertising (Listed under Pages in the link area) and just change the image src link to your direct link.

    Ta da! :) I hope that answers your question.

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