Hey there!

I highly doubt anyone REALLY comes to my blog but for anyone who does you may have noticed I haven’t updated in a while.
That’s because I have a really REALLY busy life every May-June. I’ve been on the computer 10 times at most the past two months and sometimes it wasn’t even my computer. School, birthdays and trips have made life hectic.
As soon as I’m done exams (One tomorrow and then one more on wednesday) I should start to update a bit.
After I’ve gone to prom (Next Monday) and Graduated (next Thursday) I’ll be back to my old speed.
I will also be scanlating again. For those following the Heart series by the author of Happy Hustle High and Gaba Kawa, I’ll definitely finish scanlating those last two volumes in the series. PEACE!


PS: I have lots and lots of mang to review for you guys considering I got around 40 manga at Anime North in May! YAY!

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