Heroine for Hire

Name: Heroine for Hire
Mangaka: Amakura Fuyu

Volumes: 4 (Complete)
Licensed: Kodansha (Complete: Digital)
Type: Manga
Genre: Slice of Life
Age Group: Teen

Shuko Kodakamine is strong—too strong, by the standards of some. She hopes to make a good high school debut, but that plan goes up in smoke almost immediately when she injures the attractive, charismatic Serizawa-kun…and later suplexes him, to boot! But when Serizawa-kun finds himself in hot water with a jealous boyfriend, it’s Shuko who comes to his aid…and he comes up with a ridiculous proposition: If Shuko becomes his bodyguard, he’ll make her the most important girl in his world!
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Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 3/5

Opinion: I really hoped to like this more than I did. Overall it just didn’t wow me and was very much OK.

Art was very unique and very sketchy but I didn’t really enjoy it. It seemed more unfinished rather than a specific choice. A lot of nice scenes seemed to be rushed due to the art style and it was dissapointing.

The plot is cute but it was lacking. Usually when you have the super strong heroine she has more personality to her. I found the heroine incredibly boring, and to be honest I was more interested in her best friend.

The male lead wasn’t anything special either just another popular male lead. As a shoujo the series did well but it was predictable and boring. Sometimes super entrancing art can elevate it to something more but this wasn’t it.

If you’re bored this is an interesting shoujo series. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for something to be deeply invested in or see something unique it’s not here.

Final Rating: 3/5

Extra: N/A

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