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I know I know I’m just full of excuses but I’m just gonna be honest.
From now until the end of April I’m definitely not going to be able to post a lot… maybe at all.

I’m in my last two months of College (WOOH!) so there’s that.
The party store I work at is under major renovations (broke all my nails and millions of cuts ;_;)
I even pulled a 14 hour shift this past Saturday. (Pro)
AND on top of all that I’m currently trying to put in 20 hours a week at my internship.

Now, in return for your patience I have so AWESOME ideas planned for the future of “Your Gimmick”.
My current work at a small production company leaves me in charge of the social marketing online.
This means I’m pretty much getting hours for school by researching ways to effectively market a website/company/brand online and creating communities.

Here’s what you can look forward to in summer 2012:

  • A Yaoi themed branch off site run by my two close friends.
  • A Facebook Group with a lot more options for sharing articles.
  • Contests! Awesome contests that include shoujo manga and merch.
  • Twitter to update you quickly whats going on, on all the sites.
  • A news website dedicated solely to what’s happening in the shoujo manga world. (maybe)
  • A Forum hopefully eventually when there are enough readers

My aim with all of this is to get YOU GUYS involved!
I want to get a community running that celebrates women/girls in the manga fandom.

In the meantime:

  • What are you reading right now that I haven’t reviewed yet?
  • What are some other things you would like to see in this community?
  • What are some prizes you would be interested in for contest?
  • Any ideas for contest?
  • Other then manga for the community would you also be interested in Fashion, Beauty (Gyaru), Kpop/Jpop?

Finally: Remember to keep an eye out for this blog.
Watch me on Blog Lovin and any other RSS programs you use.
Get yourself in a position that you’ll be ready when this site really gets going so you can be fully involved!

xoxo Kitteh

1 thought on “{Here’s Whatsup}”

  1. hihi^^ school sounds tough but I hope everything works out for you!!!
    I think a girls manga fandom sounds like a great idea!! I don’t have many people to talk to about manga since most of my friends don’t read it T^T

    Haha I’m reading loads of manga now xD just whatever is bein updated hehe and I think a lot of ppl would be interested in a jpop/kpop community since it’s getting pretty popular lately!! hmm but maybe more jpop since there’s already loads of Kpop sites?^^;

    prizes should definitely be something cute!! I’m sure ppl will be interested in whatever it is :p but maybe you could make a YouTube channel? I think that could get you more attention :p

    Well, good luck with whatever it is you are working on!! (^з^)-☆

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