{Happy New Year! Pacific Mall! Almost back to school…}

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 whoo!
I spent my new years even watching Inception and playing Dance Central with some fancy ladies.
What did you guys do? Hope you had a blast ^_~

So I have one week left until school starts (next Monday).
So much to not do, and do haha. I’m actually enjoying the break. Lots of work ahead. D:
And I’m sorry I didn’t update as much as I said I would. One a day until Monday? At least?
Let’s try! Fighting spirit!

So I went to Pacific Mall today and had fuuuun. More of that on my tumblr though.
What else? Oh new layout? Coming right up!

I cannot wait to spend another year with you guys doing what I love; reading manga!
Here’s to success for everyone!

Oh and new purchases over the break: Papillon 5/6 (in one volume it is weird >_<), Honey Hunt V06 (Finished? Hiatus?), Men’s Kou V03, After School Nightmare V08, Boys Over Flowers V02,03, SA V17 (Complete), Skip Beat V22… Bank account sufficiently empty. I’m not linking them up cause I’m too lazy. Search it in the top right corner yourself. I’ve reviewed them all. :P

Okay so new layout, Jan Releases, Weekly Releases? I’m on it.

XoXo Kitteh

Chocolat by TCY Force from Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt

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  1. Shimana seems to have a complex for the fujiwara brothers.

    I seriously wanna hugglez Zen everytime I see his man tears <3

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