{Hang in there kitty!}

Well hi there boys and girls!
I’ve updated SO much recently I hope you’ll forgive me for this coming week. Honest to God tomorrow I’m working from 1-10.
Then Thursday-Sunday I will be filming a doc for school on fresh water surfing. (In Canada… in this weather!?)
The schedule for that is (no lie) Thurs: 5am-5pm, Fri: 6am-6pm, Sat: 5am-9pm, Sun: 7am-6pm
And in between all of this (and sleep) I have to write a script that is due next Wednesday that needs to be PERFECT since I want it to be pitched and filmed in second semester. So I’m kinda screwed.
SOOOO, I’ll be seeing you next week. I’ll try and do the update today but I need to start on my script tonight.

XOXO Kitteh

**In the time I’m gone I expect you all to learn the dance routine “Night of Fire” by Hinoi Team XD

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