Hana ni Arashi: Flower in a Storm

Name: Hana ni Arashi (Flower in a Storm)
Mangaka: Shigeyoshi, Takagi

Volumes: 2 (Complete)
Licensed: Viz
Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy/Action/Drama
Age Group: Everyone

Summary: Even though her body has an unusual ability, Kunimi Riko is still (trying to be) a normal high school girl. One day, a guy suddenly comes to see her. He’s Tachibana Ran, the heir of the world-leading super-millionaire Tachibana family! A high tension romance between Ran, who suddenly proposed, and Riko, who turned him down.

-From Manga Updates

Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 5/5

Opinion: This series is just ridiculous awesome. So the graphics are perfect. Love everything about it.

The story is JOKES. The BEST part of this series in the main guy. He is by far, hands down my favourite male character EVER. He always wears suits and is (tries to be) cool at every moment in his life. He is PERFECT. I’ve never fangirled so much in my life. Gah. The story is action packed and hilarious ALL the time.

Downside? Some people may find Ran (my lover) a tad over bearing. He is… different. But can be a bit much for some people.


PS: Any guys like Ran out there can start handing in their applications to be my husband. :)

Final Rating: 5/5

Extra: From the creator of Bitter Trap

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