Haha. D:

To be honest guys, it just sucks right now.
You think you’ve won by doing almost all your projects EARLY and your teachers give you more+exams.
You think you’ve got your christmas budget down and then stuff happens.
You forget that you happen to work for a scanlation site and need to clean a chapter ASAP.
Oh and your betta fish? It’s sick.
And since when it rains it pours, my computer is going at ridiculously slow speeds. It’s a macbook pro. Dear Apple: I am disappoint.

Needless to say I haven’t had time to do ANYTHING. I’m banging my head against the walls screaming.
I’ve still been reading but haven’t had time to touch the site. Sorry.

Winter break is coming up though. :)

OH and someone asked on the tag board about the layout? It’s Otokonoko wa Hachimitsu All the layout information each week is under Pages>Layout Info You can see all past layouts. + somewhere on each layout I put the brushes website, the name of the series, and my (c) above the girls head you can see Otoko. :) Hope this helps. … … OMG THIS PINWHEEL.

Anyways hope you’re all doing well!
XoXo Kitteh

Enjoy Se7en with “Girls” ft. Lil Kim (I KNOW RIGHT!?)

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