Name: Goong
Mangaka: Park, So-Hee

Volumes: 27
Licensed: Yen Press
Scanlations: V.22 Ch.142 (Ongoing)
Scanlator: Very many
Type: Manhwa
Genre: Drama/Historical/Comedy
Age Group: Teen

Monarchy ended long ago in Korea, but there are still other countries with kings, queens, princes, and princesses. What if Korea had continued monarchism? What if all the beautiful palaces which are now only historical relics were actually filled with people?! What if the glamorous royal family still maintained the palace customs?! Welcome to a world where Korea still has the royal family living their lives! Only for this one high school girl, Che-Kyung, this is a tragedy, since she has to marry the prince, who apparently is a total bastard!

From Ice Kunion (Original License holders, but they died. Too bad)

**Because I’m pressed for time.

Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: What’s good. Kay, so when the graphics are good, they are GOOD. But when they get bad… it’s just gruesome. Park So-Hee draws ugly so well. But it’s all for comic relief and it ALWAYS works. Sends me into giggle fits. The Plot is really interesting. Really sad. About modern day monarchy. If you like history like me, you will LOVE this. The relationship between the main characters is just so heart breaking at times and beautiful. Unrequited love at its best.

The bad? Theres a bit. So it is historical, VERY historical. To be honest I don’t know HALF the names of the characters or their respectful terms in korean. (AKA Bingoong Mama or Debi mama) I kinda get it now but I typically skip over the long drawn out parts trying to explain. Sorry but I don’t care. Another bad point is just that its so SAD. Man. Not dead puppy sad, but those commercials for animal shelters (the puppies are just badly hurt) sad. They just keep missing eachother. And then when you think they got it, someone goes and fucks up. Damn.

Read it. Honestly, it is worth it. If you like romance, read this.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: There is an AWESOME Korean Drama on this. Princess Hours. Best non-cheesy k-drama I’ve ever seen. My only complaint is they really only get together in the VERY VERY end. Like the freaking last 5 minutes and it is totally 24 hours long. Personally. I thought it was worth it.

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8 thoughts on “Goong”

  1. i prefer manhwa over the drama. the latter was boring for me. the former, meanwhile, showed their lovey-dovey moments best. and yul was more psycho there! i loved it :P

  2. Ahahaha the drama bored me to death and made me a nervous wreck. It’s like, what? 36 hours long or something. And the amount that they are actually lovey-dovey? Barely 20 minutes. So frustrating.

    But I really do love the manhwa; although the longer it goes on the more and more frustrated I’m becoming. -_-‘

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