Girl in Heels

Name: Girl in Heels
Manga-ka: Chun, Kye Young

Volumes: 14 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.04 Ch.18 (Hiatus)
Scanlator: Entropy
Type: Manhwa
Genre: Drama
Age Group: Older Teen

Summary: Suppose you were so beautiful that people mistook you for a superstar, a model. So beautiful that strangers went out of their way to catch a glimpse of you and shopkeepers offered you things freely. Kyung-hee Goh is that girl. Trapped by the feelings she evokes in other people, she steers through life alone. Boys are either too intimidated to approach her or think she should reward their compliments with her attention. Then she catches the attention of the baddest boy in the school. And that’s when the battle really starts…

-From Mangaupdates

Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: Graphics are very original. (Ahaha Editorial) Anyways. This will mean there are going to be people who can’t stand the art… and then there are people like me who drool with the awesomeness that it holds. I definitely drool.

I LOVE this story. LOVE. I have never felt so emotionally attached to characters before. I have never stopped breathing at a couples first kiss like I have for this one. Amazing.

WARNING: Although I love this manhwa inside out for everything it is there is some severe beat downs going on. Seriously. This guy kicks the girls ass. At one point I honestly thought she was going to die cause… well… I have no idea how she lived. It would have been impossible for him to save her. If you read to that point you will know what I mean. So if you are fairly feminist and can’t stand the thought of a guy smacking a girl around, this is not the story for you.

I’ll also point out that she doesn’t just lay down and take it, she doesn’t think “OMG HE LURVES ME OMGOMGOMG!” NO! She sees him as an enemy. A boss (if you will go with me on this one). You wouldn’t complain about a boss in Final Fantasy XIII whooping Lightnings ass, no you would just kick his ass. And that’s what this girl does in her own way.

Now that I’m done that essay onto the rest of the plot. The other characters are absolutely interesting. ESPECIALLY his sister. She is seriously FUCKED. All the other characters too just dealing with his shit. Oh man. SUCH A GOOD SERIES.


**September 2018: I will fully confess that I like problematic things, and this series is incredibly problematic. I still love it though :( **

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: Don’t bother with this manga-ka’s other works. The graphics are worse and all the stories are like cheap knock-offs of this story. You will be disappointed if you even bother.

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