Furare Girl

Name: Furare Girl
Mangaka: Tsutsumi Kakeru

Volumes: 8 (Ongoing)
Licensed: No
Scanlated: V.06 Ch.26 (Ongoing)
Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy
Age Group: Teen

Summary:  The drop-dead-gorgeous and high-sex-appeal Akasaka Hibiki is going through breakup blues. Soon after being dumped, she’s asked to become her schoolmate Aoyama-kun’s mistress?! Aoyama-kun will try to gain Hibiki’s affections through different means, so let’s just hope he doesn’t nosebleed to death in the process.

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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: I’m not gonna lie I was very confused when I first started reading this series thinking it was a shounen. But as it goes on it’s just so sweet, it’s definitely new territory for a shoujo manga.

The art is pretty good. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite and there are definitely moments that show a little less confidence in drawing but overall it works with the series. The way the heroine is drawn is amazing and they really convey a lot of feeling through the art.

The characters are actually really fun. You have this unique heroine who has lived such a “rough” life due to being too beautiful. I wouldn’t say she is a strong heroine but she isn’t a push over either, it’s wonderful watching her become more confident throughout the series.

Above all, this series is hilarious. I can’t remember the last series that made me laugh this hard that I REALLY enjoyed. This series had me in tears, screenshoting everything and sending it to my friends.

Overall I highly recommend taking a look at this series if you like shoujo and you’re looking for a comedy or something unique.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: n/a

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