Fruits Basket

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Name: Fruits Basket
Mangaka: Takaya Natsuki

Volumes: 23 (Finished)
Licensed: YenPress
Type: Manga
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Romance
Age Group: E- For everyone

Summary: Cute and optimistic Tohru ends up living with the Sohma family after her mother dies. Tohru soon realizes that the family has a secret, they turn into animals of the zodiac when hugged by someone of the opposite sex! Story follows the family’s search for a way to break the curse.

Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 5/5

Opinion: Really cute. Good ending too if you don’t ever get any spoilers. It’s better if you’re eased into the ending. The graphics sadly, I felt, got worse as the story went on, which sucked. Storyline is extremely creative and fun to follow. In the beginning it’s freaking hilarious but as the story progresses it gets a lot more serious. Check it out!

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: There is an anime

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