{Fanexpo 2010: Anime, Gaming, Comic, Horror, Sci-fi Con}

So one of my yearly haunts is coming up: Fan Expo.

{Fan Expo 2010}
When: Friday August 27th – Sunday August 29th
Where: Toronto, ON, Canada (Metro Toronto Convention Center)

Deluxe Weekend: $59
Day Pass Fri: $29
Day Pass Sat: $35
Day Pass Sun: $29
Kids: $10

Gah its so expensive this year I could cry. Anyways. I will be there dressed as Sailor Uranus or Chie from Persona 4.
Holla if you’re going to be there.

Con Website: http://www.fanexpocanada.com/

6 thoughts on “{Fanexpo 2010: Anime, Gaming, Comic, Horror, Sci-fi Con}”

  1. I thought about going, but I got no money >.>
    I was gonna cosplay as Mio from K-ON! for the longest time…still working on that. I gotta learn how to sew, since I’m too cheap to buy a costume…

  2. Amen, 60$ for entry? Expensive…
    Making a costume can turn out to be more expensive then buying it most of the time. You need a pattern, and the material and the sewing machine. Blargh. The Sailor Scout costume has been a real drain on my monay. I even have to buy a nude bra and panty set for the costume.

    Anyways! If you do come to Anime North or Fanexpo next year we should totally chill! :D

  3. Really? I would think that it would be a lot cheaper because I could use my mom’s sewing machine. And and a good strapless bra is god, but expensive. I got mine for $50.
    In the end I’ve been sort of pressured into going, but only for saturday. To be honest this is the first con I’ll be going to, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing there. We should definitely chill if we get the chance.

  4. I did go. I had nothing to compare it to, so I didn’t know what would be considered good. But I was really hoping to find some nice manga, in the end I couldn’t find anything worth buying.

  5. You should really really go to Anime North near the airport and Mississauga. It’s the best con I’ve ever been to. They have the best amount of manga as well. Fanexpo always has very little of everything and it was worse this year… although I was able to get some of stuff.

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