Hey Kittens,

So as you know I went to Anime North and had a blast. Spent too much money, bought too much (haha) manga.
I really wanted to review a lot of the manga that I got from the con when I finished them but I definitely finished Hana Kimi and Kare Kano at this con meaning at LEAST 40+ manga of reading. Not to mention the series I forgot about that I’ll have to re read from the beginning -cough- Wild Ones -cough-.

ANYWHO. I was definitely planning on finishing the reviews for May yesterday but I got down with the sickness. Literally slept the day away for 20 hours only waking to drag myself to the kitchen before passing out again. I do plan on catching up now cause in literally 20 mins it’s gonna be June! AH! So I’m definitely going to cheat but I do it because of reasons.

ALSO I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking a course on social media marketing and surprise surprise a lot of the homework has to do with setting stuff up. So I’ve started using Your Gimmick!

You no longer have to wait! There is now a facebook fanpage so go ahead and “like” it!
Why like it? Well I figure I’ll use it more for posting news, related articles, and also have it as a way to communicate with you guys and create more of a community! Get you guys talking to me and to each other.

It’s just the beginning. Thanks for the amazing three years lets really get this thing started!
When we get enough likes on facebook and enough followers on twitter maybe we should have a contest? Sounds like a good idea to me.

xoxo Kitteh

UPDATE: I think just cheating is gonna confuse everything and I honestly have nothing else to review. So we’ll cut our losses and move forward. I had a good run doncha think?

Miss A – Love Alone

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