{Exams are Over!}

Finished my exams last week~ Hope everyone is done/nearly done.
Got on honour role again!

Just wanna give a huge Happy Hannukah in here.

No new reviews just because I haven’t really been reading anything new lately.
Send me recommendations! What are your favourites?
They HAVE to be shoujo related or Josei… just cause that’s the point of this website. :3

I mentioned the yaoi website a long time ago but I’m meeting with the two running it maybe tomorrow so we will seeeeeeeeee. I dunno if I can get there cause Maegan the one who is throwing the party lives kinda far from me (neighboring city) and the transit there sucks. But I really wanna get that up soon.

Anyways cheers, I haven’t disappeared again! <3

PS: DOES ANYONE WATCH VAMPIRE DIARIES!? I love it so much. Just finished the first season. DamonxElena forever.

xoxo Kitteh

Girls Generation with Boys Out (English)

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