Eikaiwa School Wars

Name: Eikaiwa School Wars
Mangaka: Matsumoto, Tomo

Volumes: 2 (Complete)
Licensed: No
Scanlations: V.02 Ch.12 (Finished)
Scanlator: Condensation (Inactive), Noir (Prettiest Website hands down)
Type: Manga
Genre: High School/Comedy/Soft
Age Group: Everyone

Summary: Arisugawa Kiku (aka Arisu) is a Japanese high-school girl who gets really nervous around foreigners. Arisu’s father is getting transferred to New York for his job, so her mother pressures her to sign up for conversational English lessons. Arisu reluctantly goes to class only to discover that she’s already met Ish, one of her new instructors! The two had fought over the last can of mackerel at the 100 yen shop the day before. Despite being a rude and sarcastic guy, Ish is actually very popular…

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Graphics Rating: 3/5
Plot Rating: 2/5

Opinion: Graphics are very sketchy and simple in a messy way. Not my thing.

The plot had SO MUCH POTENTIAL. Only to fall flat.90% of the time I had no f*@#$&% idea what was going on. even in the end I was like “Whaaaaat?”. I think it had to do with them not understanding each others language. I thought it might be the translation but I doubt it. Noir produces good scans. The ending was pretty good… I guess? It had so many open endings. Disappointing.

Characters. Don’t get me started on the heroine. She is an idiot through and through. Like I doubt someone could be that ignorant. It’s not even the clutzy kind of stupid, just plain unobservant. SHE PICKS HER NOSE FOR GOD SAKE! Ah. And the guy makes my head hurt.

Just don’t read this if you are looking for a lovely teacher student story with love and moe. Cause this aint it.

Final Rating: 2/5

Extra: from the creator of Beauty is the Beast

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