{Downward Spiral}

So it has been excuse after excuse but it’s really gotten worse.
Everyone on set last week was a complete asshole to me and by the end I was exhausted.
This week, two days ago, my 5 year old goldfish Chopin died. Completely. Devastated.
I think this was just the tip of the iceberg that sent me over the edge because I was even crying about it on the bus. (I don’t cry in public)
And now Japan had the HUGE earthquake and I’m just so SAD. It’s one thing after another.
Even Pokemon Black was disappointing.

Not that I’m depressed, I’m just stressed and really really busy. I won’t make any promises as to when I’ll update again. I’ll continue with the weekly’s when I can, but reviews will have to wait until I’m not dying.

XoXo Kitteh

UR Style Fandub

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