Downloading Manga

[Downloading Manga: Internet]


{Programs Needed}

First off, when downloading, you will need a couple of programs. Two programs to Unzip and unrar the files.

You will need Winzip OR Winrar to unzip the manga.

*Winrar is typically completely free*
[Download Winzip]
[Download Winrar]

Now that you’ve downloaded everything, it’s time to get cracking on the main part, the downloading. Sometimes when looking for a certain
manga it is easy to go on and search the manga you want+ Download (ex. Fruits Basket+Download) And you should find what you are looking for.

Click the save, and click open directly….and it will open in Winzip or Winrar. If that doesnt work save the download file somewhere and click it to open and unzip with winrar or winzip.

Finally, go to where you saved the manga and it might be zipped. All you have to do now it double click the file, and it will either ask you to choose a program,
or it will automatically choose Winzip or Winrar. Once in the program highlight the files and right click the mouse and choose “extract”.
Choose a file where you will save your manga, and ta da! You’re done! Happy reading!

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