{Cultural Info: Gyaru/Gals}

Just thought that it would be interesting to have little articles that pertain to some popular cultural references in our favourite manga!

So you may have noticed more then once the mention of Gyaru or commonly known as Gals.
Known for their bleach blond hair and ridiculous tans, Gals are considered the height of trendy in Japan.

Although we are most acquainted with the ridiculous Manba Gals and their thick tans and bright white makeup, there are 12 30 (and counting) different types of Gals. I won’t go through but I will mention my favourite:

Hime Gyaru Dress up very fancy, literally translating as Princess Gal. Not to be confused with the Lolita style.
Long, flowing curly hair and glittery jewels make up a Hime Gyarus life perfect.

Some manga featuring Gyaru:
Rhapsody in Heaven
Royal Seventeen

Peach Girl

If you have any more series with Gals in them (that isn’t Super Gals) put them in the comments! Thanks! :3

4 thoughts on “{Cultural Info: Gyaru/Gals}”

  1. Don’t forget Peach Girl :)
    In some mangas there are minor characters that are Ganguro:
    The black trio in Great Teacher Onizuka for example.
    Or one of Nana komatsus sisters in “Nana”. And there’s a girl in a Manga called Ikebukuro West Gate Park, but I think she dies xD

  2. First off I love your Blog. I have discovered alot of manga through here.:)

    I mean no disrespect, but there’s more than 12. There’s Like over 30 different styles in gal. Wiki has been revised. lol. Like I said I don’t mean any thing rudely. I just like to discuss gyaru with people. lol Sorry for being so random, or if you already know sorry lol. I’ll stop rambling.

    Cass, Admin of FYAVGAL

  3. OMF! I LOVE your tumblr. <3 It's one of my favourite.
    It feels like such an honour.

    I wrote this a while back so I didn't know as much as I do now. I'll definitely fix it thanks. :D

    So glad you like it <3


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