So I decided a month ago that there was a very specific series I wanted to review… on a very specific day.

What Series am I going to Review on Friday March 5th?

It is licensed by Tokyopop
It’s a very important date
It’s based off of a very old book.
The picture above has nothing to do with it.

I dunno what do you guys want?
I’ll go on msn or skype and specifically give you a personalized list of manga to read based on your preferences.

Just put the series name as a comment on this page.
Make sure to include your proper e-mail where it asks for you email.
You can give the english name or the japanese name.
Put what type of prize you want. Nothing too crazy please, but I’ll try.

Edit: March 6th, 2009
So I see you guys didn’t bother commenting but you all came to see what was up yesterday. -_-
ANYWAYS. Since I was busy watching ALICE IN WONDERLAND yesterday (Which was awesome) I was unable to actually update.
And today I was filming (OMG IT’S FANTASTIC!)
So I will review now.
The manga is Heart no Kuni no Alice. (Alice in the Country of Hearts)

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