Top 4 Shoujo Bad Boys

Top 4: Shoujo Featuring Bad Boys

So last month I did a Top 4 about Possessive Lovers and I’m gonna kinda piggy back on that idea moving into Bad Boys. This Top 4 is a lot more PG featuring delinquents and bad boys. There is something so fun about the misunderstood bad boy whose heat is softened by the heroine.

Like the other Top 4 lists this isn’t an exact ranking, but a list of four series that fit the sub-genre. I love them all in their own unique way.

Oboreru Knife (Drowning Love)

Oboreru Knife is hands down one of the best Slice of Life manga I have ever read. The series follows a child model who moves out to the country side and falls for the local wild child bad boy Kou.

This series follows the heroine from childhood all the way to adult hood. It’s interesting to watch all the characters grow up. An enduring story of first love. Even as Kou refuses to give up his bad boy ways as a teen.

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Top 4 Bad Boy Manga Series Oboreru Knife. A teen male holds his hands around a teen girls neck under water as they stare at each other longingly.
Oboreru Knife by George Asakura


Screenshot from Mars: Teen girl give teen boy a painting
Mars by Fuyumi Soryo

Rei is the blue print for all bad boys in manga. He rides a motorcycle, smokes, shows up to school when he wants and lives in his own apartment while in high school. Paired with the mousey heroine Kira, Mars is the perfect high school mix matched couple romance.

Mars was created in the 90’s and is without a doubt a classic must read for anyone who enjoys shoujo manga.

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Lovenista (18+)

Hiromichi stands out in this list cause while he is definitely a hard hitting delinquent his secret passion is makeup! Of course his bad boys ways create a lot of issues for our heroine regardless.

I can’t get over Kayono’s art and the way she portrays bad boys. It’s really too bad that she stopped writing.

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Lovenista by Kayono

Candy Life (18+)

Candy Life by Ogawa

While Candy Life is short (1V) it is wild. The heroine must choose between the rich and caring CEO or his delinquent son.

The series really puts a perspective on what truly matters when it comes to love. Live in luxury or be poor and have passion.

Candy Life is also by Yayoi Ogawa so take a peek at Sumires sisters from Tramps Like Us.

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Top 4 Shoujo: Possessive Lover

Top 4: Shoujo with Possessive Lover

When it comes to Josei/Shoujo Manga my all time favourite sub-genre is the Possessive Lover. Since it’s my top searched Sub-Genre I know you guys love it too! It’s February and I was thinking of giving you guys something steamy to celebrate Valentines day!

Like I said this sub genre is just my favourite and many of my all time favourites fall in this sub genre. My main criteria is that heart pounding romantic connection while avoiding some of the more abusive series out there. (EX: Hot Gimmick)

Note: These aren’t in a specific order, I love them all equally

Koi to Dangan (18+)

You guys don’t even know how obsessed I am with this series. I first found it while on vacation in Japan and based on images alone I was hooked. I bought 3 volumes and can’t read Japanese!

This possessive guy is in the Yakuza and a lot of the possessive lovers sway into the Bad Boy area. What I love about this male lead is he is as tender and caring as he is possessive which makes him irresistible!

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Koi to Dangan Screen shot
Yakuza Lover Licensed by Viz

Defying Kurosaki-kun

Defying Kurosaki Kun Manga Screenshot
Defying Kurosaki-kun Licensed by Kodansha

Another steamy trope within the possessive lover genre is the Tsundere. This series takes Tsundere to the max with this slow romance.

Despite how slow the series is there are tons of steamy moments along the way and even a love triangle! Kurosaki-kun is not afraid to take on the head strong heroine and that’s what makes the series so fun.

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Royal Seventeen (18+)

Who doesn’t love a little work place romance when it’s between an heiress and her bodyguard? Royal Seventeen is absolutely ridiculous and is great as smut and a comedy.

It’s hard not to fall for Allen as he pushes around the ditzy heiress. Allen comes from a life on the streets that an heiress just couldn’t understand. This series is short and sweet and a real wild ride!

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Royal Seventeen by Kayono

Abe-kun’s Got Me Now

Abe-kun's Got Me Now Shoujo Manga Screenshot
Abe-kun’s Got Me Now Licensed by Kodansha

Abe-kun is another series in high school but unlike Kurosaki-kun, he isn’t shy to say how he feels. While tsunderes are definitely fun in their own way, the way this male lead proudly declares his affections is unique and powerful.

If you lean more into the sports sub genre you’ll love Abe-kuns Got Me Know. The male lead is a martial artist that the heroine literally refers to as a gorilla. He is often seen throwing the strong willed heroine over his shoulder.

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Top 4 Shoujo: Age Gap

Top 4: Age Gap Shoujo Manga

There’s something so wonderful in the taboo and especially when it comes to Shoujo Manga. What’s more taboo than a teenager dating an adult? Continuing my “Top 4” series I list some of my favourite series in each popular “genre” of shoujo.

Since Age Gap is such a popular genre in shoujo manga I wanted to set some ground rules when searching. Basically why do people love this genre so much? These series include adults and teens and are steamy romantic. That being said, sometimes it is creepy, so I’ll avoid those ones. What’s your favourite Age Gap series? Let me know in the comments!

Note: These are not in an order I love them all in their own special way! Also! All these series are complete and bingeable ;)

Kinkyori Renai (Loves Reach)

The most popular sub-genre of age gap shoujo is definitely teacher and student. Who didn’t have a major crush on some hot young teacher in high school?

Kinkyori Renai is without a doubt my favourite teacher/student series. In a rare combo this series also has the Heroine as a Tsundere making the series irresistible.

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Love So Life

Another key sub-genre in age gap series is the “substitute family”. A heroine thrown out on her own left to rely on an adult man to take care of her. While the set up is mildly creepy, this series is the best of that sub-genre and manages to stay sweet as pie.

Love So Life is a heartwarming adorable series about a high school girl just trying to find a home. The kids she takes care of are a super cute sprinkle on top. A great read if you’re looking for a WHOLESOME slow romance age gap series.

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Hana to Akuma

For variety I knew I wanted to add in a supernatural series. While my heart was torn between this series and Black Bird, the latter did end up being a little creepy.

All the series listed have a popular sub-genre and Hana to Akuma is no different. The age gap in this series is from the “father figure”. Hana is adopted and raised by the male lead but the series isn’t creepy by any means! Very sweet slow romance but very well rounded series.

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Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight

This series is one of the most recent age gap series I’ve read/collected. It is also the healthiest relationship in this collection I’ve gathered. While none of the selected series are creepy, this series actually promoted proper communication. Super refreshing to read!

The sub genre for this series is: Celebrity! Our Heroine becomes entangled with a popstar turned actor. They definitely face many challenges due to their age gap it still feels very sweet. Not to mention many fun steamy moments.

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Top 4 Shoujo Vampire Manga

Midnight Secretary
Vampire Girl
Pureblood Boyfriend

Decided to do a new thing to bring back some of my favourite Shoujo manga… Top 4’s! Once a month I would like to do a new Top 4 with a new theme. Until I run out of themes I guess! Have a theme in mind? Leave a comment below!

It’s easy to love vampires, but the market has become so saturated since Twilight was released it’s hard to pin down which ones are really great. I have assembled a list of my favourite vampire shoujo manga, which some are actually my top favourites ever. Disagree with my list? Have changes? Put them in the comments!

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