MangaDex Update: Temporary Closure

MangaDex News: Temporary Closure

I wasn’t sure if I should bother making a news post about MangaDex. Then I remembered I spent 5 months updating the entire blog to add MangaDex and MangaFox links to every non-licensed series. So I will go over the situation here.

What is MangaDex?

MangaDex is a popular place to read unlicensed manga online for free. While not “legal” the site is run by fans with limited ads. They also upload content with full quality giving Scanlator Groups more control of their content. Sites like MangaFox are run for profit, have lots of ads, and often steal Scanlator content without permission.

What Happened to MangaDex?

MangaDex was hacked and in order to completely update the website, MangaDex will be down for around 2-3 Weeks. It’s important to remember that this project is a huge overhaul and is completely being done for free by volunteers who have day jobs. That is why the project will take a while. Updates will be posted on their Twitter Account. Full explanation of what has happened is on their website.

What Does this Mean for Your Gimmick?

I’ve definitely thought of things I could do as I have 100’s of reviews linked to MangaDex. I also have regular reviews scheduled until June 2021 with MangaDex links.

While 3 weeks or even a month is a LONG TIME updating all the links would take much longer. Unfortunately I don’t have an on and off switch.

I personally hate MangaFox but they are always available so I do recommend using the MangaFox Links instead of the Mangadex links until the site construction is over.

Reading Shoujo Manga on the Kindle Fire HD8

Now I know the title is pretty specific but the reason I bought the Kindle Fire was pretty specific.

When I lived at my parents I was used to using my computer in bed in my room. Now that I live in my own place with an office I prefer to keep my laptop at my desk, and reading manga at the desk was such a chore.

I was looking around for an affordable tablet that was the perfect size for reading manga but at the same time had a bit more use than JUST reading. I technically have plenty of screen devices for music/games/ect I wanted something just for reading.

Lets review the Kindle Fire HD8 specifically for reading manga!

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New Layout – (semi) New URL

Hey everyone long time no see/here/speak.  New manga reviews on the way just in the process of updating the website.

New Layout

I’ve updated to a new layout that works a bit better for my content. The old one no longer supported updated summary text which was a bummer. The new one has a cool Instagram widget so you can follow YourGimmick on Instagram for nice shoujo manga related pics. I have also cleaned up the right bar and added search by popular tages. Another fun feature: featured catagories on the top. Unrequited Love is my most searched keyword right now so check it out!


So when I originally ported the website over to WordPress I had no idea about SEO practices or even the real technical knowledge to change the domain so since I moved to wordpress the url has been ““. It’s ugly and drove me crazy but I didn’t have the technical knowledge to know how to change it properly.

Now, fortunately, I do have all of the knowledge and have removed the /wordpress/ directory from the URL. The new url is just a sleek “”

I also have added an ssl certificate which means the website is https instead of http for any other seo nerds out there!

Site Cleanup – Broken Links

For a heavy information site there are SOOOO many outlinks and unfortunately the online manga communtiy is fickle. To be honest I don’t even know of any readers at the moment except for Manga Fox which is unfortunate because they suck. I will do my best to continue to clean up links to make sure everything is working one review at a time!

*Feature Image Manga: Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess)



If you don’t know what SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is this video will help you out as well give you the BEST way to stop it in it’s tracks AS WELL as punish it’s supporters.

SOPA will go against everything the internet stands for. This allows the US to control the internet around the world. If you pirate something or so much as link to copyrighted material, you could be extradited to the US to be tried and jailed for something that isn’t even illegal in your country.

This impacts you/us so much considering manga scanlations are a massive copyright infringement. Not only will you scanlations be affected but websites like Youtube, Tumblr, and Reddit could be completely SHUT DOWN.

What can you do? You can start by showing this video to as many people as you can. Put it on facebook, reblog it on tumblr, put it on tumblr, put it on your blog, link to it on twitter, get it to as many places as you can. You can go even further by sending it to politicians in your country.

The information in this video shows the truth about the SOPA supporters. The information in this video could not only stop SOPA but implicate those behind it. For too long Warner Bros and Disney have had the world revolve around them. We have to stop this!

I’m begging you.