Hey Pumpkins!
How are you enjoying your summers?

This post goes out to everyone in:
The Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada
My friends run an awesome convention called:
Conbravo in Burlington Ontario Friday July 27th to Sunday July 29th

The theme of the convention is geek based with a massive internet celebrity line up including: the Angry Video Game Nerd (AH!), Spoony, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, and the Nostalgia Chick. But wait, there’s more! Expect panels and a dealers room which may pique your interests in costuming, anime, video games, traditional gaming, LARP and MORE!

What makes it even better?
I will be doing a panel on Friday night called Manga for Women at 7pm
So a chance for a great weekend on TOP of meeting ME. Awesome right?

Tickets are 30$ for the weekend at the Door

For more information visit the ConBravo website here:

Hope to see you there!

xoxo Kitteh

Hey Kittens,

So as you know I went to Anime North and had a blast. Spent too much money, bought too much (haha) manga.
I really wanted to review a lot of the manga that I got from the con when I finished them but I definitely finished Hana Kimi and Kare Kano at this con meaning at LEAST 40+ manga of reading. Not to mention the series I forgot about that I’ll have to re read from the beginning -cough- Wild Ones -cough-.

ANYWHO. I was definitely planning on finishing the reviews for May yesterday but I got down with the sickness. Literally slept the day away for 20 hours only waking to drag myself to the kitchen before passing out again. I do plan on catching up now cause in literally 20 mins it’s gonna be June! AH! So I’m definitely going to cheat but I do it because of reasons.

ALSO I’ve mentioned before that I’m taking a course on social media marketing and surprise surprise a lot of the homework has to do with setting stuff up. So I’ve started using Your Gimmick!

You no longer have to wait! There is now a facebook fanpage so go ahead and “like” it!
Why like it? Well I figure I’ll use it more for posting news, related articles, and also have it as a way to communicate with you guys and create more of a community! Get you guys talking to me and to each other.

It’s just the beginning. Thanks for the amazing three years lets really get this thing started!
When we get enough likes on facebook and enough followers on twitter maybe we should have a contest? Sounds like a good idea to me.

xoxo Kitteh

UPDATE: I think just cheating is gonna confuse everything and I honestly have nothing else to review. So we’ll cut our losses and move forward. I had a good run doncha think?

Miss A – Love Alone

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been super busy and now I’m at Anime North until Sunday night!
Anime North is the biggest anime convention in Canada in Toronto Ontario.
If you are here holla!

I’ll be selling some of my doubles at the Nominoichi garage sale tonight.
Love you see you soon!

Will definitely cheat and make sure there is one review per day by the end of the month! PROMISE!

xoxo Kitteh

It’s May first and I am back from the dead.
Although I’m still quite busy, the school part is done and I’ll replace it with this.

Good news? Despite being super busy down time was spent reading so I have a huge list of manga to review.
I literally have 8 tabs open right now (crazy).

May not only brings the end of school.
It’s my birthday.
And Anime North is coming!
If you live in the GTA in Canada lets meet at Anime North!
This sounds like a reason to celebrate to me, don’t you think?

I’m celebrating by putting up a review once a day for the month of May!

I’ve made promises before but I’m really dedicated in making it up to you guys.
I never wanted to neglect the site and am, as I always have been, extremely passionate about shoujo manga.

Hope you guys enjoy!

xoxo Kitteh

This weeks song is for all you Tron/Daft Punk Geeks!
This is a mix of Derezzed done by my good friend and Convention DJ, DJ Janos.

I know I know I’m just full of excuses but I’m just gonna be honest.
From now until the end of April I’m definitely not going to be able to post a lot… maybe at all.

I’m in my last two months of College (WOOH!) so there’s that.
The party store I work at is under major renovations (broke all my nails and millions of cuts ;_;)
I even pulled a 14 hour shift this past Saturday. (Pro)
AND on top of all that I’m currently trying to put in 20 hours a week at my internship.

Now, in return for your patience I have so AWESOME ideas planned for the future of “Your Gimmick”.
My current work at a small production company leaves me in charge of the social marketing online.
This means I’m pretty much getting hours for school by researching ways to effectively market a website/company/brand online and creating communities.

Here’s what you can look forward to in summer 2012:

  • A Yaoi themed branch off site run by my two close friends.
  • A Facebook Group with a lot more options for sharing articles.
  • Contests! Awesome contests that include shoujo manga and merch.
  • Twitter to update you quickly whats going on, on all the sites.
  • A news website dedicated solely to what’s happening in the shoujo manga world. (maybe)
  • A Forum hopefully eventually when there are enough readers

My aim with all of this is to get YOU GUYS involved!
I want to get a community running that celebrates women/girls in the manga fandom.

In the meantime:

  • What are you reading right now that I haven’t reviewed yet?
  • What are some other things you would like to see in this community?
  • What are some prizes you would be interested in for contest?
  • Any ideas for contest?
  • Other then manga for the community would you also be interested in Fashion, Beauty (Gyaru), Kpop/Jpop?

Finally: Remember to keep an eye out for this blog.
Watch me on Blog Lovin and any other RSS programs you use.
Get yourself in a position that you’ll be ready when this site really gets going so you can be fully involved!

xoxo Kitteh

Hey I know it’s a little early but if you’ve followed this blog for the past three years you would know that I go away every Christmas. I leave tomorrow morning (5 hours! Eeek!)

To Ottawa, the land of old people and no internet connection.
At least they have Anime Extreme although I dunno if we will have time to go u_u.

I’ve been trying to post but it’s taking a super long time and I’m totally sorry about that.
Either the server or wordpress is dicking around, either way I don’t like it.

*New layout with graphics from Pureblood Boyfriend (8 months… awkward.)
*Tag board is going to disappear because it’s no longer free, any recommendations for alternatives?
*New grading system out of 5 instead of 10. (We all know I only did 5 anyways so no need to change the rest)

Anyways I wish you all a safe and happy holiday/Christmas/Hannukah is still going!
I’ll be back Monday so I can wish you guys Happy New Years so don’t worry bout that ;)

xoxo Kitteh

Finished my exams last week~ Hope everyone is done/nearly done.
Got on honour role again!

Just wanna give a huge Happy Hannukah in here.

No new reviews just because I haven’t really been reading anything new lately.
Send me recommendations! What are your favourites?
They HAVE to be shoujo related or Josei… just cause that’s the point of this website. :3

I mentioned the yaoi website a long time ago but I’m meeting with the two running it maybe tomorrow so we will seeeeeeeeee. I dunno if I can get there cause Maegan the one who is throwing the party lives kinda far from me (neighboring city) and the transit there sucks. But I really wanna get that up soon.

Anyways cheers, I haven’t disappeared again! <3

PS: DOES ANYONE WATCH VAMPIRE DIARIES!? I love it so much. Just finished the first season. DamonxElena forever.

xoxo Kitteh

Girls Generation with Boys Out (English)

Guess who disappeared for two months? Me. :D
But seriously for a month and a half the only time I had to myself was in the shower.
And I’d just stand there and cry.
Because that’s how ridiculously busy I was.
It was sad.

Look I even put up a review already. :D
Now all I have to do is the releases… which I’ll do in one post.
(One for digital releases and one for Licensed releases)

Happy belated Halloween and Thanksgiving my lovelies! I love you all.

Lets do this right!

xoxo Kitteh

Good-bye Baby by Miss A (I LOVE THESE GIRLS TOO MUCH!)