{Cat Sitting/Tumblr/Blogit/Merry Christmas}

(Man I wish the series was still in this sugary goodness. I miss it. T^T)

OKAY, so to start off with the personals.
I’m currently cat sitting in a family friends house. The cats are lovely but since I’m not home I have more time to read, play video games and live an AWESOME LIFE! Now this will be until the New Year. On Friday I’m going to my Nana’s in Ottawa and unfortunately no internet there so I’m SOL until Monday. (Sorry) So I’ll do my best today and tomorrow but then I have to dip.

Love you all, hope you’re all enjoying your holiday break. And if you are in the southern hemisphere I’m SO mad jealous of you having summer now! >_<

So, I also have a Tumblr account if you guys are interested.
This isn’t about comics at all, but rather my life and MOSTLY about fashion/makeup/ect.
If you’re interested in that junk check it out:

So there’s this AWESOME site called BlogLovin where it keeps all of your blogs in one place and it will notify you once your blog updates and you can scroll through the updates from the site as well as favourite some posts with the site. It’s perfect for me and all my Gyaru blogs… But Your Gimmick is up there as well now! I know I haven’t been able to update as much during the school year, but now you’ll KNOW when I’ve updated. Cool huh?
And even if your fav blog isn’t up there it still lets you follow them. It’s amazing.
If you have an account why not add Your Gimmick to the list? *o*

Overall Merry Christmas everyone!

XoXo Kitteh

Here’s Mizca with I’m no good!


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