{Bam: School is in full force!/I Got a Twitter Account}

Watched the Glee season opening, awesome! Watching the news now.
School has been… intense to say the least. I’m excited but stressed. SO MANY PROJECTS!
I’m on a crew for a documentary about Canadian freshwater surfers, and the crew is perfect.

I got a twitter account: YourGimmick
I’m kinda vulgar but I have my good moments. It’s not going to be about manga specifically but also as a sound off for my life.

If you noticed I’ve finally moved the counter to the bar on the right. -phew-
I’ve noticed I get tons of views now and I have no idea what has change really. -shrugs- Nice to meet you guys!

Kinda busy with work ect but I’ll live. Enjoy.

XOXO Kitteh

So I know this isn’t asian but I absolutely love My Chemical Romance and they have a new album coming out. (YAY)

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