{Baby it’s Cold Outside}

I love you guys I do, but I won’t give excuses. C’est la vie.
I will not be abandoning the site. I has a plan! ;)
While people in my film program are planning on watching “x” amount of movies a day, I want to read as much manga as possible! And review it all!

Send me recommendations! I always read them and then review them. Just post it in the comments. ;)

As for after the winter break, I’ll be producing a studio drama and I’m practically on cloud nine.
Only thing is that, that role takes a LOT of effort and time; and office supplies.
But we will get there when we get there.

Yaoi fans! Start getting excited. Not saying why but the New Years will be good to you if you visit this site!

XoXo Kitteh

G-Dragon (of Big Bang) presents Heart Breaker

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