Affiliate Disclosure

Created March 30 2021

Hey everyone! I wanted to provide a transparent update that I was accepted into an affiliate compensation program. Over 10 years ago I bought web hosting and set up this website for fun and to recommend series to my friends.

My hosting fees are around $150 a year and I have always paid for all of the licensed manga I have reviewed. This is a hobby dear to my heart and I would gladly consider continuing to do it for free.

I’ve always been against putting ads on my website. I find them often intrusive or unrelated. I specialize in SEO and recently found out about Affiliate Linking. I noticed some manga retailers are a part of an affiliate program and sent an application and was accepted. So what does this mean? Please read more below!

What is Affiliate Linking?

Specifically, on this website, some licensed manga links are going to be updated to affiliate links. This means that when you click on specifically marked links and end up making a purchase on that link I will receive a small payment. (Less than a dollar)

Identify Links

All affiliate links will be clearly marked with an *. Also any page with an Affiliate Link will include a notice on the page.

I’m Not Sponsored

I need to reiterate: I am not sponsored nor do I represent or have any relationship with any companies that I link to. All of the books I review I will continue to buy with my own money as I always have.

My Reviews are my Own

My reviews continue to be my own opinion without any external influence. I also add that my reviews are my opinion and do not reflect the attitudes or views of the companies that I link to.

What Will Change?

Nothing! I will continue to do reviews as I always have. You will be able to continue to use the website without any distraction.

Also consider reviewing the website Privacy Policy