-A message from Kitteh-

Hi guys, I know not many people are following me but I just wanted to chat a little.
As you know I don’t post very often. I’m now in a film and television production program in college so things are a bit busy.
Plus with a 2 hour bus ride home everyday and waking up at 6:30am SUUUCCCKKKS.
SO I’ll make a deal with you guys. I’ll post at least 3 series during the week (Sunday). I’ll try and do more or even post them on different days but I can’t guarantee anything.
So about the last post being basically the same thing but I’m actually re-reading Snow Drop (which is in the picture above). As you can see if you look close enough, number 10 out of 12 is out and I just finished it so two more to go. (Gosh I love it!) So I haven’t really been reading anything else except that oneshot Vitamin.

Updates: I added a finished category so you can look for finished series. I’ll try and keep it up to date.
Expect a new layout soon. ;P

Picture: So the picture above is one of my three bookshelves. I only read shoujo so there you have shoujo heaven. I also have some in boxes and laundry hampers but they are all in plastics so I don’t worry about wrecking them. Just wanted to show that I AM qualified as a shoujo manga connoisseur. My other credentials include english class and media studies where I was forced to figure out WHY I liked/ didn’t like things, and retained the information.

Thanks for following me if you do!
Now I’ve got homework on Light and Image to do! Gah.


PS: If you have any series you would like me to review please leave the name as a comment in this post.
If you have any suggestions for anything else (layouts, categories, ect) Just ask!

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