A Girl and Her Guard Dog

Name: A Girl and Her Guard Dog (Ojou to Baken-kun)

Volumes: 5 (Ongoing – Feb 2021)
Licensed: Kodansha (1V: Digital – Feb 2021)
Type: Manga
Genre: Drama
Age Group: Teen

Senagaki Isaku will be a first year high school student starting in spring. Her grandfather is the third head of the Senagaki group, a yakuza organization, so she is feared by those around her. However, starting from spring, she hopes to make normal friends and normally fall in love.

She is admitted into a high school further from her hometown, however, the overprotective young head of the Senagaki group, Utou Keiya, falsifies his age and enters the school with her through a backdoor admission…?! Keiya proclaims that love is too early for her although Isaku is perfectly ready. In truth, she has held an unrequited love for Keiya for quite some time
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Graphics Rating: 4/5
Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: The flavour of the month is undeniably Yakuza. This series makes the sub genre accessible to the teen crowd with this cute forbidden relationship.

The art is really great and very unique to this artist. Rather than gradients you find a lot of hard black or white shading. The art is nice and soft without being sparkly. I really like it!

The plot is very straight forward. Teen girl has massive crush on the young body guard who has been instructed to take care of her. The heroine is mostly headstrong and puts a lot of effort into becoming independent. She isn’t a “Strong Heroine” just yet but it’s really cute to watch her get there.

This is a nice and sweet story with a yakuza backdrop.

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: From the mangaka of Can I Kiss You Everyday?

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