{3 more Week until Schools over!}

So just 3 more weeks until school is over.
So. Stressed. In fact this week coming up is like… Game Over week. Game. Over.
To those who just got out (lucky bastards) to those who are in the same predicament, and to those stuck in school until June (boo), good luck! Summers coming! Aw yeah.

So I haven’t really been reviewing and I think it’s because a lot of the good ones are not being released on Mangafox and right now I’m just WAY too lazy to download. Especially from Midnight Scans who make me use IRC. I hate that shit so much. -___- But they’ve got sooo many good series right now that I’m torn. Instead I’ve been catching up on forgotten series (Strobe Edge anyone?) and still buying manga (Seihou Boys School) so it’s not like I’ll drop the site. ;)

So I will be doing the updates today, there’s a new layout (Say I Love You), and a review. <3

Much love,
xoxo Kitteh

Big Bangs new release that was released TODAY (how modern!) Stupid Liar.
*I’m like addicted to this song. Replay. Replay. Replay.

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