My Life/Of course

So I was gonna update a few HOURS ago but just as I was going to I heard to saddest sound.
“Heather, there’s something wrong with the computer.”
“What did you do mom?”
I come downstairs and she gives me the saddest look.
“I didn’t do anything.”

Basically I’ve been trying to get rid of the bitchiest virus malware whatever for the past two hours.
I managed to delete it and it reinstalled. I’m SO glad I have my own laptop… and kinda glad it’s a Mac.
I have to clean it for my parents though cause they have no idea.

This is just the cherry on top of the WORST. WEEK. EVER.
Killed my neck, feel like crap, go bitched at by my crew, so much shit due, saw the guy I used to love but dated my friend instead looking like crap and now this. :| I give up. I’m just gonna crawl into my bed and not wake up until it’s summer.

Anyways. I have some reviews for you despite the late update for last week.

All my love,
xoxo Kitteh

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