2 Years!

*Deep Love
**First Manga reviewed! :D

Hey guys!
So it’s been TWO YEARS since I started this site and I want to thank everyone whose ever visited!
I started this site in hopes of making shoujo manga more popular as well as more accessible.
This year I bought a domain name as well as a server to make sure the site was always up and running!
I never, ever thought I would ever get this much traffic, or any comments but the numbers keep growing every day.
I know I may not be as active at the moment, but this is just temporary I always come back. Especially in the summer.

Something to look out for this summer, a side site.
There are plans in the works for starting up a similar site to this one (same layout/format) except aimed at Yaoi/BL.
It will be run by two of my friends who know way more about it then I do.
I understand that there is a whole community out there dedicated to Yaoi and women, that I feel like shoujo there should a specific review site. Since Yaoi isn’t my thing, why not get my friends to help out?
They are super excited about the idea but are busy with university right now, but we will be getting together in the summer so look look out for that!

I send all my love and hope to have another great year with you guys!
Maybe even start giveaways? Need more people though. Haha comment comment comment!

xoxo Kitteh

Here’s a sweet remix of “In For the Kill” by La Roux by Skrillex

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