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  • {Namida ni Nureta Koi: A Tearful Love}

    Name: Namida ni Nureta Koi (A Tearful Love) Manga-ka: Abe Tsumika, Kamishiro Kyouko, Sakurano Nayuna, Tanaka Rin Volumes: 1 (Complete) Licensed: No Scanlations: V.01 Ch.05 (Ongoing) Scanlator: JShoujo Type: Manga Genre: Drama/Josei/Smut Age Group: Mature Summary: Story One: Rich Girl who has everything, in arranged marriage who does everything she is told meets a man […]

  • 5/5 Perfect Score
  • {Oujitachi wa Izonsuru}

    Name: Oujitachi wa Izonsuru Manga-ka: Sakurada, Hina Volumes: 1 (Complete) Licensed: No Scanlations: V.01 Ch.05 (Ongoing) Scanlator: Anime-tion Scanlation Type: Manga Genre: Drama/Psychological/Mature/Smut Age Group: Teen Summary: 18 year-old Yoshino is in love with his sister, Himeko, who has brother complex towards him. Yoshino and Himeko’s father remarriage introduced new members to the family. Tsubaki, […]

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  • {Flowers of Evil}

    Name: Flowers of Evil Mangaka: Lee, Hyeon-Sook Volumes: 7 (Complete) Licensed: No Scanlations: V.07 Ch.26 (Complete) Scanlator: Noir and RC-Scans (Inactive) Type: Manhwa Genre: Psychological/Incest/Tragedy/Drama Age Group: Older Teen Summary: Se-Joon and Se-Wa are siblings with a dark, complex relationship. Se-Wa, a girl considered psychotic by others, is attached to her brother… a little too […]