{Kanpeki Kareshi Kanojo}

Name: Kanpeki Kareshi Kanojo

Mangaka: Miyoshi, Maki

Volumes: 3 (Ongoing)

Licensed: No

Scanlations: V.01 Ch.03 (Ongoing)

Scanlator: HaruHime

Type: Manga

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Age Group: Teen

Summary: A perfect boyfriend that loves Kin erasers and big boobs.
A perfect girlfriend that is average-looking and flat-chested.
Cry, laugh and squeal, because this is a story of passion and unrequited love!
Although Natsu, 16, thought that Ichijou was the perfect boyfriend, it turns out it was only her illusion. When she confesses her feelings for Ichijou only to get the reply “I want a cuter girl than you,” she discovers that what he’s really interested in is Kin erasers and big boobs. Despite Natsu’s disappointment, she still finds herself being drawn to Ichijou more by the day. Where could a loving young lady possibly direct this passion of hers!?


Graphics Rating: 3/5

Plot Rating: 4/5

Opinion: Drawings are fairly basic. But still good looking none the less.

If you are looking for something sweet and funny, look no further. It’s been a while since I laughed so hard. It feels very sincere, a lot more laughs then angst and drama. The characters and situations are extremely relate-able, I can’t wait to read more!

Final Rating: 4/5

Extra: None

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3 Responses to “{Kanpeki Kareshi Kanojo}”

  1. humanbeing says:

    hey there, Kitteh! I posted here once and I’ve been following your site for the whole time :) I have a favour to ask of you: could you recommend me a good shoujo comedy? With good graphics and not so long (unlike Oresama Teacher), without drama, but with some romance, cause comedies that I’m reading always lack it :< I like Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu (the heroine is just killing me) but it's long as well and I feel like having something light and short… I think I've read everything tagged as 'comedy' that you recommended here, but maybe you could help me? Oh and I don't like older looking graphics… I hope it's not a problem… Sorry for the trouble :)

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for being an awesome person and liking my website! :3
    I’ve answered your question in a post here: http://www.yourgimmick.net/wordpress/recommendation-drama-free-comedy-with-romance/

    I hope it helps a bit. I wish you the best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions! I love recommending stuff. :)


  3. Lorenzo says:

    Klasth disse:Kare Kano e9 bem legal!Mas, tem alguma coisa falatndo nele, sabe?Tipo, um tchan um brilho uma coisa especial que eu ne3o sei exatamente o que e9.Prefiro muito mais o mange1 que o animea!Ainda ne3o acabei de ver. Tow no nb0 15 ainda T_TMas ne3o aguentei e vi uns spoilers dizia que o Arima-kun estuprava a Yukinon!!! o.oTipow eles estavam na biblioteca daed ele queria comee7ar a voceas sabem e a Yukinon disse que ne3o etc e eles fiseram sexo assim mesmo!!Se ela disse ne3o foi estupro ne3o e9 mesmo!?!?!? Eu ne3o sei se e9 verdade mas se for, estou muito decepcionada com a Mestre Tsuda *-*Mas tudo bem!!Tem outros mange1s, por exemplo Fruits Basket, que se3o bem melhores, tem esse tchan de que eu falei.c9 algo, sabe, algo, brilhante , algo que deixa melhor.Mas concerteza ABSOLUTA o trae7o da Mestre Tsuda e9 bem melhor que o da Takaya[furuba].Bjo pra vxsss!!

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